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Horstmann Automation GmbH was established in the year 2009 by the former employees of the company of Gebr. Effing Maschinenfabrik (ATG Systems) discontinuing its operation and leaving the market. The new company continues its long tradition and sees it as its obligation to continue to provide and guarantee the best worldwide service of the numerous installations of ATG Systems /Gebr. Effing.

The traditional company Horstmann Maschinenbau GmbH gave assistance in its reformation. The company is well established in the market for providing specialized machinery, engineering services, steel construction and metal cutting manufacturing. Through its vertical manufacturing integration it provides an excellent infrastructure for offering viable solutions. With its sister company in the same location Horstmann Automation GmbH is also well suited to provide excellent spare parts support and repair services

The focus of Horstmann Automation GmbH is in technical solutions for the continuous industrial requirements in the area of automated transport and storage processes. Special attention is given to the transport and storage of gravure and flexo cylinders. With this competency Horstmann Automation is a notable partner of the worldwide Gravure and Flexo Industry.

Tradition und Innovation are the fundamentals of an almost unlimited product palette for the printing industry in Publication, Decorative and Flexible Packaging Markets.

Horstmann Headquarter at Heek

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