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Keeping in touch face to face matters to us


In times of a global pandemic, planning is difficult. Despite the challenges, we want to be a reliable partner for our customers. As in the past, we are planning to take part in the next DRUPA in Düsseldorf in 2021. The direct exchange brings insights into the current needs and plans of our customers. The ideas exchanged provide suggestions for future products and services. We will have some ne... more

Storage for Decorative Cylinders


The decors of the company Interprint GmbH comprise the surface of numerous wood products that are used in the manufacturing of furniture and floor coverings. The printing cylinders are the tools by which these pattern are transferred to the products. The storage of the printing cylinders requires reliable and immediate accessibility. For their company in Poland INTERPRINT invested in a highly f... more

Cylinder Storage for Packaging

22.11.2015 - A producer of beverage containers again relied on the proven technology of  Horstmann Automation. 2015 the decision was made to invest into a fully automatic storage system. The solution was a stan... more

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