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Our automatic cranes are configured as double carrier bridge cranes. Depending on the installation requirement they will be built as hanging or as overhead cranes. Regulated drive motors combined with distance control via Laser or Barcode assure an exact positioning, crane rails and steel main structures complement the offering.

The automatic cranes are individually laid out and constructed for the particular transport requirement.  . Specially controlled grabbers take up the product safely and transport it reliable between automated machinery and simple racks and transfer stations.

Frequent use for our cranes are in the plating line, as DTP cranes (direct to press) and DTE cranes (direct to engraving)

Depending on the branch specific requirement the cranes are available in a range of Versions between 500 kg and up to 4000kg.

"Is your product heavier ? - talk to us!

The remote access function of the controls allows for a continuous monitoring of the crane status by our customer service. This way the reliability and safety of the cranes is assured.
Updates, program modifications, necessary adjustments or error analysis can be realized remotely with a minimum of time and cost. 

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