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Automatic self-guided vehicles (AGV) are important elements of an intralogistics overall solution. They can cover short distances by following rail guides and so can connect various production lines and nearby storage and production units. Configured as free navigating vehicles the AGV are of increasing importance because of their flexibility and adaptability. AGVs take over routine transport functions over the complete plant area.

Free self guided AGVs require qualitatively high industrial floors but are faster adapted to new situation and routes.

Different structures provide for adjustment of the loading platform to different products. The vehicles can be equipped with among others, adjustable supports for optimized handling or equipped with self-loading functionality.

To avoid any transport conflicts with other transport systems we recommend a separated people free transport zone. This allows full use of the potential transport efficiency. For the crossing of building walls and fire safety zones there are solutions from our partners like raid door enclosures and fire safety doors. It is possible to   be incorporated into our control software.

Modern materials for the wheels are the guarantee for quiet and gentle movement of the AGV.

Our control software is a System to simultaneously control and administer several transport units. For a smooth workflow of the transport orders the information of all systems is monitored and the sequence controlled. In addition to managing there are also interfaces for storage administration and your inventory management data base systems.

"You have very special interfaces ? - talk to us !

The remote monitoring function allows our customer service for a continuous proof of the system status.  This assures the reliability and safety of the storage system

Updates, Program Modifications, necessary adjustments or error analysis can be realized remotely with a minimum of time and cost

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