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High Storage Racks

Our high storage racks can be more than just “Standard". Depending on your needs we will configure units comprised of various modules so the storage system fits precisely your requirements.

Rack service units are configured as part of the storage or as well as independent units travelling in the corridor of the storage towers. With storage configured with several corridors multiple service units or a corridor transfer unit is in our program. Especially high transfer speed is made possible through our storage software that can control several universal rack service units and corridor transfer stations. With our modules we service almost all user profiles and requirements.

Starting with your input we choose components that can be expanded on later so development in a desired direction can be considered.

For Input / Output we offer the most varied and staggered technical solutions tailored to your specific needs. Automated transfers to other automated systems or manual transfer carts naturally are part of the module palette.

Our storage administration software is a data based system and incorporates office conform administrative functionality. Interfaces to PPS and inventory management systems are available or can be realized.

"You need special interfaces ? – talk to us !“

The remote monitoring function allows our customer service for a continuous proof of the system status. This assures the reliability and safety of the storage system.

Updates, Program Modifications, necessary adjustments or error analysis can be realized remotely with a minimum of time and cost.

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