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The high longevity of intralogistics equipment puts a special demand on the user. After a service life of 10 years or so the spare parts availability diminishes substantially. Especially computer controllers of the equipment are subject to wearing out rapidly. The mechanical components are mostly in good condition but the reliability and operational production safety is jeopardized.  Also connected with failing logistics is an immediate production stoppage.

"Don't wait until your production is in jeopardy -  plan the renewal of your equipment with us!

We offer targeted software and hardware solutions for the automation components of your logistic and printing form equipment.

In detail we provide:

  • Crane and AS/RS verhicle controls
  • Shuttle and Monorail controls
  • Plating Tank controls
  • Production line controls
  • Storage Rack Inventory data base
  • Total plant automation

Our offering consists of solutions for the companies of ATG Systems, CTI, Roboto, MDC, J.Bauer and K.Walter.

Gladly we consult with you about the possibilties to extend the operational life for another 10 years. We also advise on the chnaging safety laws and regulations for your automation and how a solution can be optimized and implemented.

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