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Transport Manager (TM)

Our „Transport manager “controls the process in the area of Storage and Transport. This program is the control center for the order management of all transport units. It coordinates the transport movements rules as a priority in executing movement orders. In this software the transport order of the printing goods are evaluated and transmitted to the individual units along the chosen transport route. Through feedback of the transport units the transport manager is constantly informed about the position of the  goods. The orders are transmitted either by direct input or by remote channel to the program memory and are executed according to availability and priority.

Galvanic- and Gravure Server (GGS)

The GGS controls automatic production lines whose material movement is executed by specialized cranes (converter). The GGS is specialized for the automatic production of gravure cylinders but useable for similar manufacturing processes. The control contains both the administration of product, order and formulas as well as informs about the status of the individual production units in the process line. The program controls the complete communication between the transport units, the GUI and interfaces to external data sources. By using a user friendly script the operator can easily administrate formulas and production sequences. The production sequence are visualized in a timely and logical fashion but also describe the order specific machine parameters of every production unit.

HMA Info center (IC)

The infocenter is the access point to both TM and GGS. It is a unified user platform for data input and control of the production and transport technique. For analysis and backtracking of production amount, quality and availability. Simply to operate interfaces are provided for the office environment with comparable views and functionality. Extensive functionality exists for the diagnosis and control of the operational status of all machines and transports and allows the operator an optimized view and targeted intervention of the functions. The IC administers the following functions:    

  • Standard Storage Administration
    Via a  operator friendly  panel  the user gains access to information of the storage device, data of production units stored and their history. Under history, extensive datasets are stored for movement of the production units and system notifications 

  • Line Visualization
    The graphic user interface (GUI) provides for manufacturing transparency. It allows representation of all transport and manufacturing processes in real-time. By providing intuitive operating features such as “drag and drop” internal transports can be initiated directly. The allocation and manufacturing status of each unit is shown in detail. An editing function allows for direct intervention in the production flow by the operator.

  • Machine Visualization
    All machines in the production line are displayed in an overview and can be remotely controlled by GUI for manual, semiautomatic and service operation

  • Standardized Order Input
    Here one can input transport, storage and production orders. By direct access to all data, also out of other modules such as storage and production data, a user friendly and fast execution is provided for. The user is aided by presets and text completion for routine functions

  • User Administration
    The user administration assign individual operator access rights. With a hierarchic structure it is assured that each operator can only access necessary functions for his assigned job

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view of Transport Manager (TM)


view of Galvanic and Gravure Server (GGS)

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