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Software Tools

The following software tools are delivered standard with program updates. Additionally they can be purchased as standalone so customers can realize their own applications. The tools provide support the buildup of communications with freely programmable controls (SPS) and allow for presentation of business data and the storage of SPS data in diverse data banks  

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HMA Para tool (PT)

The PT is a data based parameter tool for your SPS control. The data fields can be freely configured and can be visualized in diverse data bases. The following functions can be displayed by the software

  • SPS Parameter Administration
  • PC Parameter Administration
  • Parameter Comparison
  • Date traffic observation
  • Sequence  chain create and observe
  • Browser function at any data base
  • Up und Download of Parameters to a SPS 
HMA Machine Visualization (MV)

The software MV provides for the graphic representation of your machine in connection with real time information of the individual machine controls on a windows platform. MV is an easy to configure visualization tool that directly provides for communication with the Siemens SPS. The variable names of the SPS world are available for the configuration of the data communication and make it easier to work on the PC. The software can be installed at any windows based PC or PDA. Mobile visualization via PDA units are possible without specific additional knowledge.

HMA Communication Interfaces (KI)

The software KI consists of two modules. One is installed at windows based system and the other at an assigned SPS. These modules can be used for building up an interface for machine visualization of the MV or the Paratool PT. For transferring data, a broad spectrum of various transfer media is available. Frequently used interfaces are Profibus (PB) Ethernet (Eth), Modbus (MB) and Data highway (DH+). Additional interfaces are possible. The unified interfaces in the PC and SPS are dependent on the chosen data transfer.  The data to be transferred are defined structures in an IEC1131 conform datatype. These datatypes can be imported for example out of the S7 manager or RS Logix 5000 for your PC applications. With this tool, interface changes can always and simply be made possible.

HMA PPS Interface (PI)

We can supply interfaces to the most varied production planning systems. These are made to customer’s specifics. Diverse SAP interfaces are among the presently realized.

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HMA ParaTool (PT)


HMA Machine Visualization (MV)


HMA Communication Interfaces (KI)

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